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TF2- The Nutcracker Dance 2 by MadJesters1

XD Merry Christmas everyone! The Nutcracker Dance 2

Ze Medic

Ze Medic

Heavy + Medic Fusion AU #TF2

Trying out some fusions! Spy/Sniper fusion belongs to punchthatgelatin.

Team Fortress 2 by K1S3K.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Team Fortress 2 by on Deviantart (This compilation, holy crap)

TF2 Heavy and Medic.

I like to spread shit around while my team gets mad that im not healing them

Spy vs Engie by ~NuclearBandaid on deviantART

Spy vs Engie by ~NuclearBandaid on deviantART This happened me once x''D