Playful GIFs of Iconic Banksy Artworks

Playful GIFs of Iconic Banksy Artworks

I have always found gif images to be somewhat entertaining. Below are some combined street mural art and animated gif art from Banksy and.

Hans Cras - Spontaneous street art.  The brewing emotion from being ripped, conveys the point that something has been taken from her.

Hans Cras - Spontaneous street art, The brewing emotion from being ripped, conveys the point that something has been taken from her.

Art Installed on the Streets of Japan by Spanish Artist Pejac

Japan’s Largest Treehouse is a Sprawling Structure Built Around a 300-year Old Tree

“Everyone is an artist” (june by Spanish street artist Pejac in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan. A silhouette of a cleaning lady pouring out a bucket of Hokusai’s iconic “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

street art Katowice, Poland

Giant On/Off Switch Mural. Spanish street artist escif recently painted this giant on/off switch on the side of a building in Poland for the Katowice Street Art Festival.

STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasstreet_art_august_3 » STREET ART UTOPIA

Street Art Where most of us would walk by and ignore this ugly space some very talented people give us a reason to stop, look and smile. Street Art Utopia click and check them out.

Alice Pasquini | Salerno (IT)

Colorful Mural in Italy Celebrates Century Poet Alfonso Gatto by :Rome-based visual artist Alice Pasquini


Pejac – talented street artist from Spain. Images he creates are capable to make a work of art of the most boring building.

incredible animal mural tower over londons buildings 9

Creative Animal Murals Tower over London's Buildings

A blue bird landing on the stoops of London. Street art by ‘Irony & Boe.

What a fantastic imagination some street art artists have!  Who would have thought to dress up an ordinary pylon by painting a spectacular aboriginal hand? I notice the column in the background is also painted the same. This is beautiful.

Why should city infrastructure be boring? Why not add a bit of paint and give life some spice. Life should be fun! More - [cool interaction of art with the real world]