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Não havia motivo para se tornar rainha de Glensbee; Mary voltaria em breve para Londres.

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Cersei admiring Targaryen Queens' crowns when she became queen of Westeros

(Open) The Queen was in her room, looking at her collection of crowns. She loved crowns, loved their beauty and grace.


Feyre, High Lady of the Night Court going into the Spring Court She's going into that house to take him down.

She is an adult when she first begins to wear Red Eagle clothes, the cropped bodices, sari sashes and wide spanning skirts.

thestorycanresume:    Javier Saiach SS 2016 Couture Collection

thestorycanresume: Javier Saiach SS 2016...

“ILMARË - Handmaiden of Varda”--I'm just seeing formal Ravenclaw robes

This back displays the male straightness and flatness. There is no feminine softness nor high apex arch. "ILMARË - Handmaiden of Varda”