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Gia Coppola Urban Outfitters

Our teen dreams looked just like Gia Coppola's Urban Outfitters lookbook

India Eisley

[closed w/Luke] Logan sits in the cabin that he had brought her to to keep her safe from the dragons. She looks out the window, biting her lip. She hears the door open and looks over at Luke. She bites her lip, "hey.

"How long has she been here?" He asked, jutting his chin in the direction of the girl. Zach shrugged. "Man she was here before I even was. She must have a secret hideout or something. I'm convinced she lives here" he walked away. He watched her. She was flipping through the pages of a large, hardcover book, stacks of encyclopedias and maps and novels towered around her. She rested her chin in her hand, completely immersed in what she was reading.

"You're always reading or studying or hiding in a bookstore or library." He said with a curious look. "I like to write so I tend to read a lot to learn different writing styles or just for pure pleasure. As for hiding, it's nice to get away from the noise



I was tired of going anywhere and hearing people talk bad about me. I figured the book store would be a safe place. I was wrong (MJ) KLK

bibliophile-exhibitionism:   Beautiful Bookworms