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Mary Magdalene Gateway July 2015 Méline Portia Lafont As the Soul of Magdalene re-enters the Spirit of the Goddess through a subme…

The story of how one metric has changed the way you see the world

This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit

The world feels more dangerous. The assault on our values is constant. One evening in late October a doctor checked his own pulse and stepped…

Historia con mi Llama Gemela

ALL of us are on different journeys, yet at the end of this dimensional life path, we will see the same brilliant light.♥ so how can you judge someone who is on a different path.

"...Thus, the Goddess represents a unity and wholeness which is the birthright and potential of every human being. All of us, all of existence, are the Divine. In order to complete this whole by bringing back that which has been denied, I name the Divine the Goddess.” Hallie Iglehart Auste - Art:  Living Waters of the Heart  by Prem Danielle Tonossi

Thus, the Goddess represents a unity and wholeness which is the birthright…

Freya, daughter to Njordr and wife to Od, is the Norse Goddess of love, fertility and beauty. She was a very sacred Goddess to the Norse


IS-IS Marie, unificada en el Corazón de KI-RIS-TI MI-KA-EL-Vengo a retornarlos a Su Original, ese que es lo que ustedes son, en Unidad y en Eternidad.

Boris Vallejo أحلام

December Archetypal Activations of the Divine Feminine: Alchemical Goddess of Ecstasy! by 13 Moon Oracle Priestess Sarah Uma

Shamanic healing work empowers us to connect with our inner power to create change and transformation for ourselves and the world                                                                                                                                                      More

Offering for sale both original and print artwork by Susan Seddon-Boulet - Susan Boulet

The Heaven's Gate - IsaBella Abreu Carvalho "Bella" - Online Memorial Website

So badly wanna believe in the pearly gates / But the real heaven’ here on this Earthly place

Nuestra Señora de la Noche.

Our Lady of the Night, Sister Marie Pierre Semler, 1934 I've always thought of the night as the cloak of Our Mother. and now here is a beautiful visual.