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Read Exo's Sehun Rainbow Haired + Bigbang lockscreens from the story втs ωαℓℓραρєяs ✿ by snoowy_ (lie) with 285 reads.

sehun rainbow hair - Google Search

Sehun - I honestly love this hair color the most

Sehun exo

141222 EXO – 2015 оны Season Greeting буюу Календарны скан зурагнууд

Sehun - 141221 2015 Season’s Greetings official calendar, Chinese version

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Suho, Kai and Sehun Kai is like: "Pretty fairy coming through" Sehun: "Excuse them, they're missing out on medication." Suho: "KRIS YOU DOG LEAVING ME WITH THE KIDS!" >>> are we going to ignore the fact that Kai is tryna hit Sehun's ass?


wish this kid was my school mate. i'd volunteer to be his partner in every project. even if he cant contribute much because of his busy schedule.^^^^ I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!