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Most athletes wouldn't practice outside in the snow....but equestrians aren't just athletes, they're way more tough!

i wouldnt do this anymore cuz my pony got frost bitten on her muzzle once. shes not allowed in the snow for too long. shes not allowed grass under snow either. i feel bad for her.

"Sometimes you can trust a horse, sometimes you can't, and sometimes you have to." -

the bond between a horse and rider is significant. this pic says it all

Caidas de jinetes

Im just gunna hang here. lol Considering that I’m sure this horse tried to jump from very far away and landed on this pole, I’m gonna go ahead and say that it looks like it hurts. That poor horse.

Great shot of Eric Lamaze and Hickstead...what a neck and body stretch! Can't wait for the day I can confidently do such a jump on my Lulu!

Great shot of Eric Lamaze and Hickstead.what a neck and body stretch! Can't wait for the day I can confidently do such a jump on my Lulu!

Kathy Kusner and her off-the-track Thoroughbred Untouchable competed in two Olympic Games together and won innumerable honors all over the U.S. and Europe

Kathy Kusner And Three Thoroughbreds Challenged Tradition. An excellent article…

nice grey, nice jump!

I seldom see a picture of someone jumping that I am impressed with. From the relaxed horse, to the light contact and superior position. I am impressed.<< This picture is amazzzze

It's just counting strides, finding your distance, swapping leads and looking good doing it. Relax, what could be easier ?

sometimes they look like they're at a track meet doing the triple jump - hop, skip, jump!

Literally jumping the moon. Whoever designed this year's Olympic Games' cross country course was a genius with these jumps.

And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon. Photo from London Olympic games cross country event, Swedish rider