~~Rosa Glauca by Keartona~~

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Rosa Multiflora

Rosa Multiflora - The canes of a desired rose are spliced onto the rootstock of a hardier rose, and the best rootstock for Ontario is Rosa multiflora

Wild Rose, Small White Rambling (Rosa multiflora)

Wild Rose, Small White Rambling (Rosa multiflora) by tinakelly


Rosa 'Tour de Malakoff' (Luxembourg, Purple to violet, strong fragrance.

‘Belle Story’ | Shrub. English Rose Collection. Bred by David C. H. Austin (United Kingdom, 1984) | Flickr - © NYBG, Photo by Ivo M. Vermeulen

Light pink with a moderate fragrance. Seed: Chaucer x Parade Pollen: The Prioress x Iceberg Kordes Named after the first nursing sisters to serve with the British Royal Navy.

Producing the first roses of the season, Rosa Bonica, blooms all the way into the late Fall and usually has the last blossoms of the season, as well.

Rosa Glauca

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