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Bee & flower Faberge egg.

Limited Edition Large Faberge Style Music Egg, X Weight: 3 lbs 12 oz.


Jewelry Box Peacock

Fabergé box "Peacock" - this one is a pink peacock on a deep red oval box.

Gold & Green... tje two "G"... @rt&misi@.

Green Faberge Egg- These are so ornate, I need one at least. Scroll down when you search "faberge egg" to find the purple egg right on that page!

faberge egg


Rose Trellis Faberge Egg, 1907 ~ presented by Nicholas II to Czarina Alexandra Fyodorovna -- Research indicates the surprise was a diamond chain with a watercolor miniature of the little Tsarevich Alexei, painted on ivory.

(Courtesy Royal Collection, London)

Imperial Easter egg, basket-shaped, silver-gilt and oyster guilloché enamel mounted with rose diamond trellis and oval handle with four bows, blue enamel splayed base with rose diamond trellis.

Decorative Real Egg Collectible Refillable Perfume Bottle #1551 | eBay made from a real pigeon egg

Decorative Real Egg Collectible Refillable Perfume Bottle #1551

Blue Faberge Egg trinket box

Faberge by Keren Kopal - Faberge Eggs - Blue Faberge Egg trinket box


Birch Egg 1917 , Carl Faberge had already fashioned the Birch Egg for the Dowager queen, Tsarina maria

russian imperial faberge eggs - Google Search

Finely crafted Imperial Russian silver egg with multicolor enameled design throughout. Has Cabochon cut garnet jewel set to top and bottom