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Brooke and Asia :)

Brooke Huland is a dancer from Dance Moms she's not dancing now and Asia Monet Ray is a dancer from AUDC and Dance Moms she also had a reality show called Raising Asia

This is the year that broke us

Yes it is, and it makes me sad to know that my three favourite dancers Chloe, Brooke and Paige all left this year because of abby.

asia ray<3 Im gonna miss her because she made kenzie work harder and kenzie improved so much and I love her solos

asia ray she has more bad then I do and I'm a dancer/gymnast/cheerleader who works out

Pretty Tragedy — Asia Monet Ray appreciation post.

Hey I'm Asia *smiles* I'm Selena's little sister! I'm a dancer singer and actress!

Haven't seen a lot of Brooke pics lately so here ya go :)

Brooke) Hang anyone?