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Behind-the Scenes Saturday–Spooks! Lucas (and Ros, too)


I wish someone would watch this again with me (writing this on the biggest pin I could find so someone might see *hint hint hint)

Early signs Richard Armitage was destined to play the role of Mr. Thornton

Richard Armitage. Richard.Armitage. Richard..Armitage. Richard...Armitage. Richard....Armitage. Richard.....Armitage. Richard......Armitage. Richard.......Armitage.

Afternoon eye candy: Guys in ties (27 photos)

Hugh Jackman - GQ Australia (I would love for this man to be in a weekly tv show)

Richard Armitage talking about filming the Battle of Moria in The Hobbit. Haha

Richard Armitage talking about filming the Battle of Moria in The Hobbit. <- Apparently he whacked himself in the face with a shield and bit through his bottom lip once, during the Moria scene if I remember correctly.

Tybalt's masquerade outfit. Make it all black, remove the sword, add a couple of hidden daggers. Maybe some black wolf fur.

Fan showcase: Prue Batten (part 1)

It should be illegal to be this attractive!......... You know what? Forget that! I love Richard!

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery, The Magnificence! 12/29/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #90)