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Risultati immagini per jane long photo

Black and white wartime photos transformed into ghostly fantasies I try to use props and background pieces to make the subjects interact more with their environment. This creates a more cohesive composition and keep things somewhat ambiguous.

Dancing with Costică | jane long photography

7 Pre-War Romanians Brought To Colourful Life In A Stunning Fantasy World

Таинственные коллажи от Antonio Mora

A great series combing landscapes, trees and rivers with portrait photography. Dream Portraits is by Spanish artist and creative photographer Antonio Mora.

♡ELINE: artistic

This picture shows movement because the girl is twirling and dancing. The birds are flying to the left of her which is creating a lot of movement in the picture. This picture causes you to think about the birds flying and dancing.

DECONSTRUCT Adolfo felix

Experimental photography and illustration work by Adolfo Félix, Rubén Encinas and Ernesto Tánory via Behance it reminds me of the art work for the album discloser

Top Graphic Design Trends 2018: The Ultimate Guide

Top Graphic Design Trends 2018: The Ultimate Guide