French 'Fondue Savoyarde' Recipe

Authentic French Cheese Fondue Savoyarde Recipe

Fondue savoyarde - Recettes - Cuisine française

Fondue savoyarde

Fondue savoyarde - Recettes - Cuisine française

Champagne Cheese Fondue   1 garlic clove  1 cup Gruyere, shredded  1 cup Swiss cheese shredded  ½ cup Brie diced  2 tsp cornstarch  1 cup champagne  1 shallot  1 tsp lemon juice  generous pinch of nutmeg  pepper to taste  Place garlic & shredded cheese in bag with cornstarch & set aside. Add champagne, shallots & wine to fondue pot simmer for two minutes. Slowly add shredded cheese & brie, stirring constantly Cook just until cheese is melted & creamy, do not boil. Add nutmeg & pepper to…

At home fondue, just like The Melting Pot! 3 fondue's for dinner. The first Course, "The Melting Pot" Mojo Broth. The second, Ooey Gooey Cheese Fondue. For dessert, The Melting Pot's Flaming Turtle Fondue.

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Flavorful Pepper Jack cheese needs little help to make it taste wonderful. The pickled jalapeños may be eaten as a relish or dipped in the fondue and are

Breakfast Fondue - Surprise brunch guests with this exquisitely unique breakfast.

Breakfast Fondue Combine cheeses and wine in ceramic fondue pot, soak 15 to 20 minutes.