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Dinner time,my guineapig ❤️

Dinner time,my guineapig ❤️

Cute and fun! (Wonder if they think so, though?)

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Who doesn't love a guinea pig dressed as a dinosaur? The most important guinea pigs in the world. These ferocious dino guinea pigs

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Why You Shouldn't Purchase A Guinea Pig At A Pet Store. You visit a pet store and you instantly fall in love with a cer


Female baby mini lop rabbit, 'Tango' -- wish I could have a pet rabbit like her

My Little guinea pig ,two months of cuddles

My Little guinea pig ,two months of cuddles

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bulk deli items, has been launched . brand manager for Kretschmar. "Its unique flavors and unparalleled quality have raised the bar for premium deli meats.

Whatever you doDONT OPEN THE DOOR! (by Perspect1ve)

Makes me miss Rose and Raxicoricofallapatorius (Tori) my first guinea girls.

The Guinea Pig Daily: Almond: now this is cuteness overload!

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