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Romãs estão ficando cada vez mais populares no mundo, porque as sementes no seu interior são muito saudáveis, contendo substâncias anti-oxidantes.  Fotografia: Max Nathans no Flickr.

The pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness because it is said to have 613 seeds, The pomegranate represents fruitfulness, knowledge, learning, and wisdom.

The guava tree is recognized as one of the most colorful gregarious fruit trees in Puerto Rico.

longipes The most forgiving of fruit trees tolerating dry conditions and even some shade but still rewarding the gardener with plenty of sweet wine red berries high in Vitamin C for fresh eating or jams.

CACAO ~ A Superfood | If you have yet to see what a cacao (nut / "bean" chocolate comes from) tree looks like, here it is. Unlike most trees in the world, the pods grow directly from the trunk, as opposed to the branches. The pods come in colors of yellow, green, orange, red, & purple during the ripening process. With over 600 chemical compounds within the nut alone, this is truly a magical & spectacular tree!

Chocolate comes from the equatorial cacao tree’s unassuming cocoa beans. Learn the steps from tree to table as cocoa beans become sumptuous chocolate.


Apricots - my favourite stone fruit. Have just finished eating and juicing the ones from my dad's tree. They are so sweet - and some the size of tennis balls!