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Atheistic Tendencies

God is not an explanation (not a hater just don't like region being used as an excuse for behaviour or ignorance)

Whew. Had me scared there for a minute....

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. There are almost 5000 gods being worshipped by humanity. But don't worry only YOURS is right.

While this is true, one could say the exact same thing about science and be correct. There have been many times where science experiments have gone to killing and you can defend those times with the fact that it was from the past when morals were less clear but you could use that exact same argument for religion. And even when it comes to modern day countries that do so, remember that that will soon become the past and that some scientists still kill to prove their points. Now I'm no saying…

The difference between science and religion. With the notable exception of the atomic bomb. That was not a proud moment in the scientific community. One of the more darker chapters of the history of science.

Hey, why don't we use this flashlight? :-)

Funny pictures about Black Cat Analogy. Oh, and cool pics about Black Cat Analogy. Also, Black Cat Analogy photos.

Truth be told.  Yet some people will never, ever accept this. It is hard for me…

Simple math doesn't add up in any religious doctrines in any religion.

I don't belong to any religion, but I do get this  - believers don't want to face their own abuses, only the abuses of others.

Religion offends me but they won't shut up about it--so why the feck should I?

Tracie Harris, The Atheist Experience.

Tracie Harris, The Atheist Experience. Inaction is just as bad as a grievous action.

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Just meme it!

Funny pictures about Confession. Oh, and cool pics about Confession. Also, Confession.

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Do u mean then that u do not believe there is a South Pole & that Antarctica is not upside down relative to the factual Artic North Pole, as believing thusly would be inanely contrary to human holofirmamental proprioception?

atheistjack: “via victor.estela ”

atheistjack: “via victor.estela ”