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Just another reason that taking the Bible as the literal "Word of God" is ridiculous- there are obvious contradictions abound throughout the whole thing.

Bible lesson for the day - What? It rained more than six times longer than in the bible and the Earth didn't flood? And many other places have had nearly 40 days or more than 40 days straight of rain. Oh, but your silly flood myth is real.

In case you're wondering, here's a few examples of what Christians are referring to when they talk about TRADITIONAL BIBLICAL MARRIAGES.  Same sex couples should not be allowed to marry, `cause that would be a sin...

A Biblical guide to marriage: It's not a pretty picture. And people are worried about gay marriage?

What I find interesting is how many religions claim to be the one true version. I like to think many cultures received the same message (play nice) in a way each was able to relate. Who are we to judge which one religion got it right?

Check Mate, Catholics

Jesus vs Horus - Caesar and the Romans just conveniently repeated a myth to give birth to Christianity.kind of like how Joe Smith copied the bible to create the Book of Mormon.

Sinai Bible: http://www.vatileaks.com/  Mormon no more. LDS no more. Quotes. Scripture study.

This change was actually a political decision made in when Charlemagne decided to make Christianity the official religion of Europe to help consolidate his rule.

I feel like "Your Imaginary Friends" should have been in the red scary letters and "Imagery enemies" could have been... Idc white. #I don't what planet people live on but I know life's real. I'm glad your life is amazing.

But then, Satanist =/= Devil Worshiper either. Satanists are LaVeyan Satanists, aka. Atheists with a religion/doctrine.

Religion- not to mention all the knowledge that had been destroyed and lost due to religious ignorance

While science has been unraveling the secrets of the universe, religion is still debating the proper way to use your penis.

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God changes his plan. This should be obvious by the fact that there is an "Old Testament" which means contract, and a new contract (NT). Afterward - there were rules