Varric, Inquisition: officially revealed companions

Inquisition: officially revealed companions ... - inquisitors-keep

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Dorian Pavus ( Companion In Dragon Age Inquisition ) Dorian is looking exceptionally sassy in this picture and I love it.

Dragon Age - Merrill by Lina (LuckyStrike) - Album on Imgur

Dragon Age - Merrill by Lina (LuckyStrike)

Merrill 4 - Dragon Age II cosplay by LuckyStrike-cosplay on DeviantArt

Dragon Age: Inquisition poster

Dragon Age Inquisition Poster - Created by Marta P. Up for voting in Bioware’s poster contest, you can vote for it here.

Dragon Age Inquisition - All the Companions

[Spoilers] All of the companions, enhanced and combined!

DA: Inquisition. I hope it will be a great adventure :)

I hope it will be a great adventure :) dude, you don't even know (ΘдΘ)