Coconut Rice

Here's another good Box lunch idea from Laptop Lunches featuring Thai coconut rice, fresh kiwi, sunflower shoots, and steamed cauliflower.

Packed lunch for the office. Work lunch box idea.

Enjoy a wonderful lunch at your desk and you won't feel so bad about missing out on the cafeteria line. Spinach ravioli with veggies & vegetarian meatballs. Salad and a tangerine

bento lunch ideas #projectlunchbox #familyfreshcooking

school lunches

What a tasty idea for kids' bento boxes featuring leftover cold veggie pizza (cut into squares), cucumber moons with a side of hummus, red grapes and a handful of popcorn. more ideas for school lunches visit school-lunch-idea.

Bentoriffic's butterfly pasta bento in @Goodbyn bynto

Quinoa pasta bento with butterflies

Leftover Lo Mein Bento - #kotobuki #bento #leftovers #vegetarian

Leftover Lo Mein Bento - #kotobuki #bento #leftovers #vegetarian

Ham, carrots, crackers and berries bento.

Wyatt had carrots, a little Sara Lee chocolate donut for a treat, saltines, deli ham roll-ups, strawberries and blackberries. Packed in our Laptop Lunches box.