Batalla entre bárbaros y guerreros de Pilos - by Ángel García Pinto

Depiction of what the Dorian invasions of the Peloponnese may have looked like. Small scale incursions across natural barriers with stretched Royal Mycenaean troops unable to stop the more numerous invaders, who may have been equipped with iron weapons.

The Young ACHILLES with PATROCLUS Leave Scyros To Embark For Troy. (Alan Lee/Trojan War/user: Aethon)

The Young Achilles with Patroclus Leave Scyros To Embark For Troy by Alan Lee (Trojan War/ Lycomedes/user: Aethon)

Kushite Empire - “Battle for Memphis”

Nubian troops storm the walled capital of Memphis with flaming arrows by Gregory Manchess

Early Aegean Warrior 3000–1450 B.C. - art by Giuseppi Rava, plate4 for osprey.publishing

Possibly a dipiction of the 'Sea Peoples' of the late bronze age, 1150 BC - Giuseppe Rava

the epic death of achilles - Analyzing Military Tactics in the Iliad by Manousos Kambouris

Manousos Kambouris takes Homer's Iliad at face value and expertly analyzes military tactics in the Trojan War for potential historicity as well as practical realities.

The Hittites (Original) by Ron Embleton at The Illustration Art Gallery

Buried Cities of the Past: A Fortress Razed by Fire. Some time in the second century B., the mountain stronghold of the warlike Hittites, Hattusas, was burned to the ground. Original artwork from Look and Learn no.


- Epic Battle, Achaeans vs Trojans (Photoshop Illustration made for the project MusInt (Museo Interattivo), inside the didactic tale of the Trojan War. - Battaglia epica, scontro tra Achei e .