Ibanez The lovely Floral Jem, apparently Steve Vai designed this guitar based on the curtains in his studio

Ibanez RG 20063 Puzzle Top Prestige Team Jigging guitar for people who don't like Gigging.

Ibanez RG 20063 Puzzle Top Prestige Team J Craft (japan)

2006 Gibson Les Paul DC Faded

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Gibson Les Paul BFG With Tremolo Worn Ebony

Strum Away With These Simple Guitar Tips. If you've ever been moved by the music of a skilled guitar player, you're not alone. The beautiful guitar has gotten many people interested in learning how

Stambaugh designs - Spacedelic '67 Art Guitar

Spacedelic Art Guitar The first in a series of art guitars, this piece has a graphic design based on the intersection of modern art and graphic illustrations of the