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The Whale Ballon ship.

Tea at 2000 feet by Eric Fan. Always give credits to the artists you're posting. This is an illustration by Eric Fan (Toronto).

"Skip" / "Ship", Scetch by Johannes, 20/11/2013. Medium: Pen & Pencil on Paper.

"Skip" / "Ship", Scetch by Johannes, Medium: Pen & Pencil on…

sea monster | Tumblr

This is what I believe will happen every time I get into the water. I am the ship in this scenario. Octopus or Kracken by Tyler Champion would be an awesome tattoo!

Philosopher's Muse- by Mandy Tsung

I need a guide: mandy tsung

Gothic Revival on white Art Print

Gothic Revival by Evan Wakelin the artist creates an depth of sinister illusion in this interesting piece.


Gorgeous Pen and Ink Wildlife by Si Scott insects illustration black and white animals - hummingbird

Watercolor paintings by Luqman Reza - ego-alterego.com

Watercolor paintings by Luqman Reza - Ego - AlterEgo

Haw : Sumi-e ink brush painting, 2012

I'm loving the Sumi-e style. Use this with a Phoenix design? Haw : Sumi-e ink brush painting, 2012

My nieces tattoo minus the man

Wonderful art of Eric Fan~Victorian Steampunk Poster.

LassRollen // Animals of Berlin on Behance

LassRollen // Animals of Berlin - Andreas Preis