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Lightening striking the Empire State Building

ray lighting strikes on the top of the empire state building at night from rca building june 1944

This amazing shot reminds of The Daleks take Manhattan

See 18456 photos and 1078 tips from 123692 visitors to Empire State Building. "The Empire State Building is an iconic staple of New York City history.

1941 Empire State. Taken from NJ using a homemade telephoto lens. Andreas Feininger photo. Lumas

New York City - Empire State Building, 1941 - by Andreas Feininger

This light bulb has been working continuously since 1901. It was made by a competitor to Thomas Edison named Adolphe Chailet and is located at Fire Station Number 6 in Livermore, CA. It has survived earthquakes, moves, and changes in voltage and still provides light. Despite his design, Chailet was never as successful as Edison. #iyl2015

Going and going: World's oldest light bulb still shining bright after 110 YEARS


Chrysler Building✨ Scene from "Sex & The City": Carie to Big: "You can't leave New York for Napa.you're the Chrysler Building!

Cada imagen es fabulosa. http://genial.guru/admiracion-fotografias/20-mejores-fotografias-del-mes-que-no-puedes-dejar-de-admirar-70855/

Las 20 mejores fotografías del mes que no puedes dejar de admirar

Enchente na cidade de Worcester, Inglaterra Flood on Worcester, UK.


Have been and love this place.The New York City Public Library, Fifth Avenue in snow, uncredited- one of the best trips to NYC. Awesome friends make things memorable!

Immagine di nature, forest, and fall

Immagine di nature, forest, and fall

Freedom Tower Construction and Lower Manhattan, New York City

Freedom Tower Construction and Lower Manhattan, New York City

Chicago car elevator c. 1936

Vertical parking, This was an “elevator garage” in Chicago, 33 W. It held up to 48 cars. Workers simply drove into the elevator car, parked in their sky-high slots, then walked along the fire escape to their offices.

New York, Jan. 31, 2013 7:55am

New York setting: The novel naviagates through New York and New York city is a place where Gatsby and Nick travel.