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I think it's one of the worst countries on this planet and all the people that want to die for this piece of shit country, are idiots who wants to give up their lives for abuse and corruption.

Is zelfliefde de oplossing voor emotie-eten en eetbuien?

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Some thoughts about overcoming depression.

Why Talk Therapy Didn't Cure My Depression And What Finally Did

Talk therapy didn't cure my depression. In hindsight, I understand why and what I needed to do to overcome depression instead.

Maintaining Relationships When You Have Depression

Maintaining Relationships When You Have Depression

Depression can strain relationships, but communication can provide depression support and help maintain family ties. Learn how to manage relationships and depression symptoms.


Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positve, it will take their breath away


is my inner life consistent with my outer life?

awesome Here's Exactly How To Get Help For A Mental Health Issue

Knowing what to do can be hard, but doing nothing isn’t the answer. Whether you’re currently in a crisis or dealing with a worsening mental health issue, seeking out help can be anxiety-inducing — especially if you've he

Creative Minds

“Creative minds are rarely tidy” Boy oh boy would my husband agree with that! Now, I’m not saying creative people are slobs, no no .

My Lady Blog

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It's not God, it's us

Should we blame God for bad things in life? Many people wrongly blame God for everything, but are they justified in doing so?