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Australian western pygmy possum <3 <3 <3

Caption this little guy. Photo of a fully grown (yes, that's right) Western Pygmy Possum by Amanda McLean / Sandhill Dunnart Stories

Pygmy possum needs to live in my pocket

You Like my Hat?

The pygmy possum of the Australian rainforest. You're a pygmy possum of the Australian rainforest.


Quokka & Baby Rottnest Island off WesternAustralia August 2012 Photo Caitlin Schokker

Love Possums. An ancient animal trying to make it in a modern world. They are good to have around for pest control.

cute possum - opossums are not cute. Try chasing one around your house for a few days and even this (cute baby) can give you a large painful bite. Besides opossums and raccoons are the largest group of animal that carry Rabies.

We've seen many different kinds of funny animals lick many different things. However, the funniest thing to see is animals exploring glass by licking it.

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[A Fennec Fox lives in the Sahara desert. It has large ears for hearing prey, but mainly to help let heat escape from it's body, that accumulates, living in the desert. "DON'TS EVER F WIF A FENNEC FOX.

Bush baby

Baby Pygmy Slow Loris - found east of the Mekong River in Vietnam, Laos, eastern Cambodia, and China.

possum pictures | Blog of Natalie Gorna

More baby possums!

Contrary to popular opinion, I think possums are cute. Very misunderstood animal

photographer? via tumblr.

I don't know if it makes me smile, but sure gives memories of the time a squirrel had about 8 of these next to him on our lawn chair as they just ripened!

Baby other.  Precious creature!

110 Baby Animals Looking Sad

a baby otter.reminds me of my friend who loves otters. too cute both the otter and my friend

Baby Skunk (skunks can't shoot their scent if they cannot raise their tail)

baby skunk - Timeline Photos / Skunks are mammals known for their ability to spray a liquid with a strong odor. Different species of skunk vary in appearance from black-and-white to brown or cream colored, but all have warning coloration.

Possum. Many may think possums are gross or evil, but they're really harmless and rarely stay in one place long. They go where the food is...like your cats food or the compost pile. So there's no need to fear them.

Pick: Cute Pumpkin Possum Of The Day

- Possums are so darn cute! Look at that adorable smile. They are sweet and amazing animals. This one is all ready for & They love to eat pumpkins!

Foto Mestan Çelik/ Türkiye

cute baby animal pictures So preciously beautiful. I want this baby. Another cute baby animal :-)