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events in instruction - assessment time


Formative assessment idea banks: Assessment Time provides ideas and pointers to assess understanding. Different methods could be used for different lessons to check for understanding

Events in Instruction- Event#6

Events in Instruction- Event#6

What Differentiated Instruction Is - And Is Not featured on TeachThought

What differentiation IS and IS NOT. The goal of a differentiated classroom is to maximize student growth and individual success.

The Best and Worst Study Habits - Infographic #edchat #education

Why don't grade school teachers implement this every year. I didn't know what type of learner I was until I was 30 returning to college. Helps me a lot now & my kids. Think how much more it could help others ~The Best (and Worst) Study Habits

Assessment Ideas for Each Stage of Assessment

I need Assessment Ideas. "There are so many opportunities to assess learning. When do you assess learning? How do you assess learning. Here are more places to find out about assessments.

Library Grits: Repackaging skills

Classroom Management - Transdisciplinary skills-could use as poster in class or make mini versions for student notebooks (exhibition prep)

3-2-1 Strategy Poster, $0.00

A Formative Assessment Option.My solution was this: A composition notebook and quick formative assessments. The Strategy is one example of many formative assessments that I use in my classroom.


The Why Teachers Should Use Rubrics Infographic shows how providing detailed explanations of an assignment using a rubric can assist students in both completing tasks and improving future performance and suggests various ways teachers can use.

16 Differentiated Instruction Strategies  || Ideas and inspiration for teaching GCSE English || www.gcse-english.com ||

Task Implement effective instructional practices - I would use this in my classroom because it gives over 16 Differentiated Instruction Strategies to use. I like how each one is different but still helps out each student and the teacher.

Sometimes students finish their work early. Now what? Here are a few ideas... This work by Mia MacMeekin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License...

Early Finishers and What To Do…

What do your students who finish early do with their extra time? Here are a few great ideas for those early finishers.

presentlygifted teaching and motivating high potential learners

Gifted, bright, smart, talented are different things. You can have a talented failure or a gifted student who makes Cs or a bright child who's a little loosey-goosey but works hard and gets the As that the smart kid won't earn.

Gamiification and Instructional Design by Mia MacMeekin http://anethicalisland.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/gamification-and-instructional-design/

Gamification and Instructional Design

Gamification & Instructional Design - Gamification is a combination of lots of learning theories delivered a little differently.

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