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David Bowie - songwriter , singer, actor and record producer. Used music as a art form.

David in Venice (Italy) ca 3 years ago

Tourist: Bowie looked a far cry from his usual zany stage appearances in his holiday outfit, opting for a green button-down shirt, jeans and trainers

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18 /France/Art Student ♦David Bowie - Sherlock - Doctor Who, and everything else awesome♠ F.G is a precious babe.

Capturing David Bowie - The Atlantic  Schapiro said this was one of the rare photos of Bowie out of character and one his favorites. “I particularly like his hands in this shot,” he said.

Capturing David Bowie

americanphoto: “ © Steve Schapiro An alternate shot from a 1975 portrait session in Los Angeles. This shot will be on the cover of a Bowie box set this fall. “I particularly like his hands in this.