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Hair Dryer!

Portable hair dryer with plastic bonnet . my Mom had one of these which was blue.

"Bonnet" Hair Dryer. Used after you rolled your wet hair on bristle rollers. Used a pink plastic stick pin pushed through your hair and the roller to keep in place while your hair dryed. Sometimes we slept with them in our hair. Very hard to sleep with a head full of those.

Vintage GE Deluxe Portable Bonnet Hair Dryer Pink and by foundhere

Mom always kept one in her purse

Esso Fuel Oil Burner Promo Vintage Rain Bonnet ~~ Mom thought these were so wonderful and made sure that I always had one in my purse. I, on the other hand, hated having to wear one when it rained :)

Curling your hair, 60s style  You ever try sleeping in those babies??

Curling your hair, style. Remember the plastic brush rollers with picks to hold them on place? After washing hair, you would roll it around the curlers. And to think we slept in those things!

70b toys atari

There’s no hiding the fact that my favorite console of all time is the Atari 2600 (my first real console as a kid). I had so many fond .

One of these was in Mom and Dads bedroom. The rest of us used the cream colored one in the kitchen.

We had the same phone number for over 50 years. Started out with the name Cestview. My mother still used rotary phones until just a few years ago. Very difficult to hit the # sign.