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That explains it.

That explains it.--- yea that's when I decided to cry myself to sleep

YES!<<OPERATION SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE IS A GO<<PRETTY PLEASE I WILL AUDITION WHO IS WITH ME?? SPREADDDD<<< that pretty much described me but add a pinch of death

The last time the Doctor had a kid on the TARDIS didn't end well. <--- At the same time, that would be amazing. There's never been a teen COMPANION.


Proof that time is NOT a strict progression of cause to effect. but in fact timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly

i disagree with the first portion (we got martha, donna, etc." but the grumpy Chinese grandma is gold

ohmygosh I want that last idea it would be hysterical (not that I have anything against twenty-ish white girls with a crush on the doctor considering that pretty much describes me haha ;

Genius or insanity....I'm going with genius. XD

Well the episode name didn't happen, but what is Capaldi's first episode is called "the clock strikes twelve"? And then the clock falls on him XD

.....why do this to me?

Oh, I don't know how to feel about this. I think they have a good point but I don't want to believe it.// I was nearly crying untill the knee cap thing.now my feels just hurt a lot

What if the do an angry pelvic thrust towards us?....

[ I lost it at "aggressively chicken dance".and again at "twerking angels". -J] Why Weeping Angels Weep

Doctor who

David Tennant, ladies and gents! I now feel better about all the fan-fiction I wrote in high school!

AU in which I become the Doctor's companion and liveblog everything to tumblr.  #DoctorWho

No, seriously where does the doctor sleep, and why is it that when Amy and Rory ask him about it he avoids the question