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A spot-on description of Sherlock's and Mycroft's relationship haha.

It's true though. Either my sister and I get along real well or I feel the urge to kill her. Which is like of the time

sherlock holmes

A picture, by Sidney Paget, rapresenting " The adventure of the blue carbuncle".

Sherlock fights with Siri

Aaaand now I want to change someone on my phone I don't like to "absolute rubbish"

Ronald Howard

Ronald Howard

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes (who I believe Benedict has said was his favorite Holmes)

A variety of Sherlock crafts, very cool

A variety of Sherlock crafts, very cool- I need to find buttons so I can make these!


But I find it important to delve into many different areas - characters, genres etc. This was done for CHOW - Sherlock Holme.

Even if you're not a Johnlocker, you have to admit this is pretty accurate.

This has got to be some of the most beautiful and meaningful Sherlock fanart I have ever seen. <-- this picture is amazing. <-- I don't really ship Johnlock but I still think this is too meaningful to not pin.

Sherlock Holmes, Silhouettes, Night, Searching, Search, Silhouette, Night Shift

Lionel Atwill

Cremated, Chapel Of The Pines Crematory, Los Angeles, California, USA. Plot: Ashes were interred here but the family has since moved them to an unknown location.