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Instagram Post by Lua (@luanna)

Lua @luanna90 Another one nec...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Instagram Post by Lua (@luanna)

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I love this outfit. The shorts go well the black tights and the blouse and navy blazer are super cute. Honestly the whole look just screams style, even her hair

Lets go for an autumn dance

Grunge fashion is based on the grunge music scene. Grunge outfits are mostly comfortable, dirty, ripped, plaid and heavily steeped in flannel.

A couple of weeks ago Aveda invited me to FOURTEENJAY in Tribeca, NYC to learn three new hairstylesfor summer. Co-owner, Frank Rizzieri and I went through some inspiration photos I gathered and we created three different looks for three different occasions with my favorite products by them! It was so fun and the looks are... View Article waysify

this is olo right here, except probably shed wear shorts instead of a skirt, but in a similar style to the skirt because its so her type of fashion