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Golden Age Comic Book Stories

"Take me to your leader" by Ed Emsh

Edgar Rice Burroughs - A Princess of Mars | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A Princess of Mars cover by Bruce Pennington. I read all these Mars books by Burroughs, when I was a kid.



Terra SF 130 Die Kaltzeller THE DARK DESTROYERS Manly Wade Wellman Titelbild 1. Auflage: Johnny Bruck

Science Fiction - Literary Genre. Educational Classroom Poster

"Terra is the name of a science fiction series published by Arthur M.

RUDOLPH BELARSKI - art for Carson of Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs - Jan 1938 Argosy

The Geeky Nerfherder: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Cover Art: Rudolph Belarski

Worlds of If

Worlds of If

Nov 1952.

Worlds of Science Fiction, November 1952 via Retrofuturism

IF, Dec. 1955, cover by Kelly Freas

Worlds Of IF Science Fiction, December 1955


Space robots are present in many science-fiction novels and movies. The most influential author about robotics is clearly Isaac Asimov with his Robots .

Feb 1955.

If, Feb comics covers

Here's the full image with title.

Here's the full image with title.

Sci Fi Pulp Art

"Utopia was the name of several science fiction series published by .

Photo - Google Photos

Photo - Google Photos

Robert Schulz - Foundation And Empire

Isaac Asimov (c. 1920 – The Man Who Upset the Universe - original title: Foundation and Empire.

Last week, we talked about how science fiction cover art evolved into the colorful, pulpy art we love today. Now, here's our look at the evolution of cover art from 1930 to 1955, as pulp styles exploded into awesomeness.

Robots, Mad Scientists and Damsels: Astounding Pulp Cover Art

Astounding Stories First published as a pulp sized magazine ~ 133 issues Cover art from a handful of issues by Hans Wess.

Super-Science Fiction October 1957

Frank Kelly Freas

Super-Science Fiction October 1957