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Turn Pine Cones Into Amazing Stuff With These Projects - Worth Trying DIY Projects

Turn Pine Cones Into Amazing Stuff With These Projects

ingthings: Let's make someting nice #234 (or so)

HOMEMADE ORNAMENT IDEAS ingthings: Let's make someting nice # 234 (or so) - great possibilities for recycling wrapping paper, cereal boxes, magazines.

pinecone decoration/penguin's out of Pinecones!  Oh my hell, I'm totally making some of these at Christmas!

Glittered Holiday Crafts

Pinecone Penguin Let these cute creatures waddle across your tabletop with happy feet made from pinecone scales. How to Make the Pinecone Penguin

Holiday Pinecone Wallpaper

Pine cones are true symbol of winter and great natural way to decorate your home in the spirit of Christmas. You can gather pine cones all around and use them in numerous ways.

Orange-peel Girland

DIY orange peel garland - would look good with some dried orange slices as well, and you could add cinnamon sticks, and dried apple slices and.

Flowers made of pinecones

Pine Cone Craft, I would just cut the top off the pine cones instead of dissecting then reassembling. Really nice finished product.