Sharon tate matte grey eyeshadow + light peachy pink lips

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Sharon Tate

001: Sharon Tate Makeup Tutorial

DEBRA tate (Sharon's sister) So the young people—or people that are new to Sharon—need to know that that face existed before plastic surgery, and beforePhotoshop… this is pure Sharon Tate.

Father: Colonel Paul James Tate, U. Army officer Mother: Doris Gwendolyn Tate (née Willett) Sisters: Debra Tate and Patricia Patti Tate Spouse: Roman Polanski, director (January 20 9 19

Sharon Tate - Paris Vogue, December 1976 by Roman Polanski

Beautiful photo, I like the simplicity and colors. Sharon Tate - Paris Vogue, December 1976 by Roman Polanski

Sharon Tate - Page 22 - the Fashion Spot.

Sharon Tate - she could not know what horror awaited her and her almost full term unborn baby tragic ~j

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My favorite picture of Sharon. A Look Back at Sharon Tate’s Carefree Glory Days: At the premiere of Rosemary's Baby, Cannes Film Festival, May 1968