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Grand Theft Auto poster Set

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Grand Theft Auto poster Set

via Milo James - An awesome, Franklin themed Grand Theft Auto V poster. The Clinton Residence in Forum Drive, Strawberry, Los Santos can be seen in the background. I love the way the skyscrapers rise in the background and foreshadow Franklin's rise!

The original was great. But Grand Theft Auto III took wrong to a whole new level.  PS2 #gaming #GTA

The breakthrough video game was released in 2001 on Sony PlayStation Riding on a wave of controversy and success, Rockstar Games set out to change the video game industry with Grand Theft Auto III.

Ha alcanzado los 75 millones de unidades.Anoche Take Two presentó los resultados del último cuatrimestre, y Grand Theft Auto V volvió a sorprender ...

The five most popular video games of all time share very little in common, as they range from classics to current generation hits, from platformers to sports games to shooters.