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US $1.95 New in Collectibles, Religion & Spirituality, Wicca & Paganism

Banish a Bad Habit Spell, Book of Shadows Page, BOS Pages, Witchcraft, Wicca

Book of Shadows 3 pages about Basic Spell Construction

Book of Shadows 3 pages about Basic Spell Construction

The Goddess is Alive and Magic is Afoot!

A warm and hearty welcome from thefriendlywitch and Magpie - purveyors of witchy information, advice, spells, explanations and various other interesting wares of a roundly Pagan description. Settle in, dears.

I'm a Solitary Eclectic Witch and I'm not Wiccan, everyone thinks so but I'm just a witch, I'm interested in Wicca but I wouldn't have the time to put everything aside and try and become Wiccan.

Not all witches are Wiccan.or Pagan. In Irish Traditional Witchcraft it is viewed as an occult practice completely separate from religion. Not all would be Christian or Pagan for that matter.

Secrets must be hidden to maintain value.

I am that wish and You are my wish ! My wishes that are genuine always come to fruition - patiently waiting - it's worth it !

Must have

To Stop a Liar Wicca Book of Shadows Spell page on Parchment in Everything Else, Metaphysical, Wicca, Other Wicca

Book of Shadow Page, book of shadows, spells, witch, witchcraft, magick, magic, magik,

Book of Shadow Page . something fun from the BOS from the Charmed show :D