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Con il #vino ci andiamo a #nozze ! http://www.nozzedicana.com/

Con il #vino ci andiamo a #nozze ! http://www.nozzedicana.com/

France makes 23% of the wine in the world and with 150,000 wineries (versus, say, 1600 in California) the options are to discover the next delicious bottle are endless.

O Chateau: Wine Tasting in Paris

O Chateau Wine Bar & Tasting in Paris, a casual place to taste and enjoy French wines with sommelier Olivier Magny

Bollicine di champagne

Champagne region in France - Harvesting. Fun fact: legit-named Champagne only comes from this region. Any other types of "champagne" from another area/country have to be renamed before hitting the market.

«champ de blé» par Kristen Espinasse

serving you a thrice-weekly slice of French life including fun French vocabulary, photos of Provence, regional recipes, and more!