Yeye Things-eng: Pastel Hair

kitten ears and pink hair with Stella McCartney style dress

Shaina Mote Spring 2014                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Argento Dress

From the Shaina Mote Core Collection, the Argento dress is constructed all from all rectangular shapes with a harmonious drape. Features stitch-in geometric pockets, a back keyhole entry at neckline w

love her hair and make up :)

14 Most Striking Colored Hairstyles for 2014

Blue Victory Rolls:: Rockabilly Hair:: Blue Retro Hair:: Rockabilly Girl:: Vintage Hair Her makeup!

Whimsical and anime like! Try out a mint green hair color to light up your spring

Ive been obsessed with fantasy color lately I love love love this blue!!!!

Short messy hairstyle in purple/lilac and lavender pastels.- aww I love coming across this photo by chance - above all other hairstyles and color combos I've seen, this is my dream hair . photo looks a bit altered color-wise, but still love it.


awesome, short hair, white hair, pale skin, undercut hair style completes the look