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Somewhere out there there’s a guy that thinks about you every day and dreams about you every night, a guy who would sell his blood to make you happy. - Henry "Valentine’s Day Massacre" Henry is so adorable.

Dawson's Creek Cast

Dawson's Creek Cast I love this picture for some unexplained reason.

Joey Potter's signature middle part.

The 33 Most '90s Moments On "Dawson's Creek"


Wallpaper and background photos of Josh & Katie for fans of Joshua Jackson & Katie Holmes images.

When Jack came out to his father: | 17 "Dawson's Creek" Moments That'll Still Leave You Emotionally Wrecked

When Jack came out to his father:

17 “Dawson’s Creek” Moments That’ll Still Leave You Emotionally Wrecked

Pacey Witter, 'Dawson's Creek'  When discussing why Pacey Witter is the best TV boyfriend of all time, you really only need one talking point: He bought Joey a wall! The guy who started off as a screw-up eventually became the romantic hero of Dawson's Creek. Between helping Andie confront mental illness and rehabbing a boat called the "True Love" so he could sail all summer with Joey, Pacey pretty much ruined us for all other TV boyfriends.

Pacey Witter, 'Dawson's Creek'

All the times Pacey Witter ruined real-life love for you

Hill -- 13 Reasons Why Pacey Was So Much Better Than Dawson.made me think of you and "fear us during the creek" nights!

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DIY Furniture plan for Floating TV cabinet ' Penelope ' handmade by Henry. | Zelfbouw TV hangkast 'Penelope' met verlichting, gemaakt door Henry.

Build a floating TV cabinet unit: make this professionally designed TV stand yourself with a clear step-by-step manual.