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Gabbage Rose

Gabbage Rose


pretty pink peonies are great any time of year but especially on valentines! I have some ready to bloom!

poppies...oh they make me smile~

hinthint: “yammieya: “ bmajam: “ thismarks-theend: “ dreamscanmakeusreal: thedaintysquid: (by une**) ” ”

[✮✮“Feel free to share on Pinterest" ♥ღ http://www.organicgardenandhomes.com/]   a pink camelia for Grandma

This one is more an about me pin than a guide to my boards. Guess I need a separate board for that. We have a camellia tree in our yard with speckly stripy pink camellias like this one. Camellia, by

Peonies! My favorite!

Love Peonies - one of the simplest flowers to arrange - yet full of grace and color. Because the heads are so heavy the vases need to be solid to keep flowers in place. My favorite flower.

Camellia japonica so beautiful it looks fake. like its made from sea shells or frosting.  mmmmm why does something that I think is beautiful, look fake? should it not be... it's so fake yet beautiful.

Camellia Japonica - February Evergreen shrubs with beautiful solitary or clustered flowers appearing early in the year with glossy, leathery leaves

I melt. I want my house full of these one day (hint hint John ;)

One of the most sensual flowers with a delicious scent, the peony has long been used in feng shui as a cure for love & romance. This especially applies to a couple of pink peonies. The symbol of peony is often considered a metaphor for female beauty.