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Blair Waldorf

Today I decided to present style of Blair Waldorf from Gossip girl.I love Gossip girl! And I admire Blair's fashion! She is always chic.

Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid reason to wait for things instead of making them happen. -Blair Waldorf

I know this is gossip girl. BUT I LOVE THIS! blair waldorf's light blue wedding dress by elie saab in gossip girl

A look at Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf and her advice to young women and teenagers.

16 Rules To Live By According To Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf Style

Blair Waldorf Style has to be the most unique and classy style there's ever been on a television show # u know u love her , XOXO Gossip girl

Gossip Girl

15 Perks Of Having Your Best Friend As A Roommate

"True friends laugh, fight, cry and forgive. True friends are loyal, honest and tell each other when your acting like an ass. A true friend tell you the truth