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Frozen: una aventura congelada trata de una niña llamada Ana y su hermana Elsa. Elsa tiene un poder mágico: es capaz de hacer cosas de hielo como montañas, muñecos de nieve e incluso castillos enormes.

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Elsa - Disney Animation Frozen.

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If Elsa had TROPICAL Powers...:

If Elsa had TROPICAL Powers. "It HAD to be tropical powers. She couldn't have had ice powers that covered the fjord in cool ice and freezing-SNOW!

Elsa ❤

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Olaf from Disney's animated cartoon "Frozen". Olaf is an adorable character that was brought to life by Elsa, by the he loves summer which is so ironic. If you have not seen Frozen it's a must see cartoon and now you know a little about Olaf.

Disney #Frozen Sisters Anna and Elsa. *HUG* <3

Disney - Frozen - Sisters - Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. *HUG* This is the first time Elsa has hugged anyone since she was eight years old!

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Elsa is the only Disney princess who isn't a teenager. Jennifer Lee said that she's Anna is But isn't Elsa a Queen? She was only a princess for the beginning part of the movie.