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Fun facts about your sign here

You are my favorite listener honey and always give me back what I need to hear, I love that we are both in love with deep conversation, probably because we both need it to survive and keep breathing .

Memory our best asset

Scorpios have some of the best memories, along with the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces. Sometimes it's not always a good thing having a great memory!

So So True!  I do this ALL the time!!!

Scorpio quote "Very true, just because I don't talk to you about it doesn't mean I don't know about it." They know, don't lie to your Scorpio or the games will begin and they are more ruthless than you and play only to win.


Quote about Scorpio Love: If Scorpio cares about someone, they can be very sacrificing, ben.


I'll take responsibility if it's my fault. Now quit being a wimp and own up to your actions Scorpio

zodiacmind:  Fun facts about your sign here  Perhaps.„

I will take a lot of crap for a long time from someone I love, but once I've reached my limit, then I no longer give that person a single thought. Once you lose a scorpios trust you can never get it back.

♏ Scorpio is well known for never forgetting a betrayal....never.

♏ Scorpio ~ betray me once, shame on me ~ betray me twice? It'll never happen b/c you won't get the chance