Freed x Laxus x Bixslow. A cute little love triangle. Yaay Bixlow jot offen shows his face but when he do... it's just heaven!# fairytail

Freed x Laxus x Bixslow. This love triangle is so funny to me because the thunder legion is like "gay, also gay, HELLA GAY, and Evergreen.

Laxus x Freed

Laxus is trying to flatten Freed's hair XD OMG, too cute! I'm going to make a Fraxus board btw, just waiting until i have enough pin and courage (but mostly courage)

Gruvia. Haha, Lucy's and Natsu's faces though. And not quite sure what Gajeel's doing, but I love it. :)

So many things like my Brotp Gajeel and Juvia to Jyon and Meredy its just amazing

funny gray and juvia | Gray and Juvia flirty faces by JoyTheHedgehog1

TRU/// I really love juvia, sure she can be a little ( a lot) obsessive over gray, but she is so strong and she got really pretty and you can tell that she really loves gray, I guess she just isn't sure how to express it properly?


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