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Normally I don't repin things like this even if I think they're funny but this one got the better of me! Sorry if anyone finds it distasteful :O

15 Incredibly B*tchy Texts Your Period Would Send You

Yep Aunt Flow is definitely that bitch😂 - Incredibly B*tchy Texts Your Period Would Send You"

This mom sent some lovely texts. | 28 Tweets That Will Make You Believe There Was Good In The World In 2016

28 Picture Tweets That Show There Was Good In 2016

Owned!! Haha

She's right,it's so true! Other - Sep 2011 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

I don't use tampons.....I am pretty sure if I did that with a pad it really would be like that cause it would stick.

31 Period Humor Jokes That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who’s Had A Period If you threw a tampon into a crowd of boys they would freak out screaming. It would be like in Monsters Inc when George gets contaminated by the sock

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Don't text when you're drunk... or high

Totally something I would do. Best part of this blonde joke? The obvious BLONDE who wrote it basically made a message to a person named Jack but the phone that is receiving the message says it's coming from Jack. So Jack sent a msg saying Jack?

This is so me

I was talking on my phone, talking to my best friend, and the entire time I was looking for it.I felt like an idiot.