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Technique – yes, the technique for playing bass is slightly different than playing guitar.

Blues King - BB King.  My absolute, all-time favorite blues man.  So glad that I got to see him perform live.  What a guy, and he still sounds great!  Love you, B !!!  L.S.

BB King headlines Grassroots festival

Elvis was inspired by BB King and other African American musicians because of their soulful and smooth R&B sound

B.B. King, June 19, 1979....saw the king in Canada many moons day ever...

B.B. King Is Friends With Everybody

BB King........

life: “Blues legend B.King has died at the age of Pictured here in 1972 with his guitar. (John Shearer—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) ”

young B B King

BB King by Dick Waterman. Sadly, BB King died May 2015 at the age of What a legend and musical genius!

Louis "Mr Bo" Collons whose guitar sound bore a strong resemblance to that of BB King was a fixture on the Detroit blues scene since he moved there in 1950 at the age of 18. He recorded with such Detroit labels as Blues Boys, Big D, and Gold Top. He won the Detroit Blues Society Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996, and died not long thereafter. Little Mac, who played both guitar and bass and made a memorable appearance at the 1973 Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival....

Louis "Mr Bo" Collons whose guitar sound bore a strong resemblance to that of BB…

B.B. King pictured in 1960 in the recording studio. He went on to influence scores of musicians

B.B. King dies in Las Vegas age 89

Happy birthday BB King and RIP,no more need for blues now that you are in Heaven .What's your favourite BB King song? Get you BB King music from http://