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olivier van herpt develops ceramic 3d printer

With his Functional Printed Ceramics Olivier van Herpt is looking to “bake in” the randomness, uniqueness into the process in order to every time get a truly unique piece.

Оригинальные, декоративные сосуды. Творчество. Michael Eden. | Наслаждение творчеством

Michael Eden If the next Industrial Revolution were led by artisans able to ride the wave of new technologies and reinterpret tradition, then ceramic potter Michael Eden would no doubt be the first in line.

Eindhoven designer Olivier van Herpt developed a machine that uses a piston-based extruder to 3D-print complex functional objects using clay.

Olivier van Herpt 3D-prints functional ceramic objects

olivier van herpt develops technique for printing functional ceramics

3ders.org - 3D-printed ceramic bricks developed for large-scale construction | 3D Printing news

Building Bytes: Brian Peters' Printed Ceramic Bricks Can be Used in Large-Scale Construction

Single lines of porcelain using a ceramic 3D printer make up each disc - Ragna…

Single lines of porcelain using a ceramic printer make up each disc - Ragna Mouritzen by craftscouncil

Bits from Bytes RapMan 3D printer adapted to print in clay

Bits from Bytes RapMan printer adapted to print in clay by Jonathan Keep