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Rainbow Power Crystal Clarity by kilala97 on deviantART

Not entering this in the contest either XP I think two entries is enough Rainbow Power Crystal Clarity

After Starburst, Clarity is definitely my favourite. She is the eldest daughter of Rarity and Spike! As a dragon some small things can make her quite angry but she is a very wise dragon for her age. Personally I ship her and Illusion.  Check out the maker http://kilala97.deviantart.com/

Next Generation: Crystal Clarity, daughter of spike and rarity :)

Kilalaverse Doodles by Lopoddity.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"School is exhausting. Comfort me" said "K" said Lopoddity but ki, as you gaze confusedly upon these dumb doodles, know that you asked me for this so no regrets Here we have -Cupcake and Starburst .

the_prank_pt_1_by_kilala97-d6uxfs4.jpg 1,500×5,000 pixels

Previous pinner{The Prank Pt 1 - This was on Prismatic Light, a MLP fan who has i think about ten boards or more on the subject, 's board, and I liked it so much I wanted to share.

Rainbow POWER(ED) Contest Entry 2 by kilala97 on deviantART

That's just funny, this is twilights daughter and fluttershys daughter.

Jubilee Doodles by hikariviny on DeviantArt

Song Heart: What are you doing? Sweet: *Hides her drawing* Nothing.*Takes the drawing with magic* Sweet: HEY!