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Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter & Finn Jones from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Photos Selfie time! The co-stars take selfies together on the red carpet during the Marvel The Defenders New York premiere.

The Defenders

Netflix Korea have released a new ad for the launch of their Marvel superhero team up series & Defenders& narrated by none other than S.

Marvel vs DC....vs Fox??

Claire Temple, Foggy Nelson, Jessica Jones, Malcolm Ducasse, Matt Murdock, daredevil, marvel, mcu, avengers

Claire: *exists* Me: sassy pretty wife I will protect with my life oh you want my major superhero crush that ok you can have him i ship you too so much ily claire

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such a dork. I love it. Charlie Cox<<< didn't Sebastian do the same thing?

such a dork. Charlie Cox<<< didn't Sebastian do the same thing?<<<both of them are complete nerds istg