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"Fantastic Mr.Fox" di Wes Anderson

In this second installment for the series 'Stop-Motion Animation', we'll take a look at Fantastic Mr. Fox, a stop-motion animation film based on the

The Fantastic Mr. Fox behind the scenes with Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson and Bill Murray (Fantastic Mr Fox) >> Film ini keren, harus pd nonton!

7chicavenue:  The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel Movie Trailer. The first trailer for Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, starring Saoirse Ronan and Ralph Fiennes.

Wes Anderson, Writer: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wesley Wales Anderson was born in Houston, Texas. His mother, Texas Ann (Burroughs), is an archaeologist turned real estate agent, and his father, Melver Leonard Anderson, worked in advertising and PR. He has two brothers, Eric and Mel. Anderson's parents divorced when he was a young child, an event that he described as the most crucial event of his brothers and his growing up. During childhood, ...

Ever since I say the movie Bottle Rocket, I loved the films by Wes Anderson. He makes such creative, fun, and quirky films. He gets unique shots and the story to the films are so amazing.